Why join us?
Over the past 15 years we have grown from an idea to an organization whose mission is to create voluntary industry standards that reduce cost and complexity for dealers, while increasing innovation and returns for all members.

Why STAR? 

As the STAR organization grows, so does its portfolio of standards, guidelines, and member implementations. These accomplishments and the momentum that STAR is gaining are a direct result of, and attributed to, the participation of our membership. Each member organization brings with it subject matter experts, business process knowledge, and most importantly, it’s commitment and support of industry standards.

As a member of STAR, you will have the opportunity to help develop voluntary industry information technology (IT) standards, which can improve the operational performance, effectiveness, timeliness and competitiveness of your company and it’s business partners.

In addition to the numerous general benefits listed below, STAR offers solutions to the unique issues faced by Manufacturers (OEMs), Retail Service Providers(RSPs), and Dealers.

Interested in joining? Head over to our downloadable forms area where you will find an application, our IP agreement and a copy of our bylaws.

Business Benefits

  • Maintaining the standards implementation momentum achieved in the past year
  • Improving accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of ongoing standards development
  • Improving support for the growing number of standards projects (e.g., XML Messaging)
  • Creating stronger commitment to common Data Transfer Specifications
  • Enhancing IT standards within the auto industry as an independent standards organization
  • Improve business agility – reusable standards, faster results!
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Multi-industry benefits: Cars, Trucks, Power Sports, Construction Equipment and Marine
  • STAR standards supports global implementations
  • Standard XML/DTS message for RSP/DSP to third party providers
  • Use of common standards allows OEMs to easily integrate with multiple vendors
  • By using STAR Standards there is less re-work and one-off solutions, thus resulting in cost savings over time
  • Access to development workgroups managed by full-time staff

Technology Benefits

  • Defining the standard XML messages for dealer-to-OEM business transactions (i.e.: Parts Order, Sales Lead, Credit Application)
  • Defining a standard IT infrastructure to support the messaging between dealers and OEMs
  • Standardizing the IT infrastructure at dealerships
  • Standard XML/DTS messages for dealer-to-OEM transactions
  • Access to STAR's XML IDE Tool Kits
  • Access to the STAR Workbench - The STAR Workbench is an XML Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for STAR Members to use during creation, testing and implementation of STAR BODs
  • Access to draft standards - begin testing and implementing STAR Standards before they are made public to non-members. Beneficial to STAR Members by giving them a 6 month - 12 month lead in the industry
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