STAR Membership Types

Membership shall be granted to all applicants who satisfy the membership criteria in the STAR Bylaws. Membership dues shall be assessed on an annual basis and will cover membership for one calendar year. Dues shall be non-refundable and based upon the company’s North American designated category (Dealer, Manufacturer, and RSP) and the type of membership (Active or Associate). The fees shall be paid within 30 days of invoicing and shall be on a sliding scale based upon the company’s size as shown in the tables.
The description of the STAR Organization and its activities in this Membership Application is provided for informational purposes only. This Application and the STAR Organization are subject to and governed by the STAR Bylaws, which shall control in the event of any discrepancy between this Application and the Bylaws. Prospective members are urged to read the STAR Bylaws before submitting an application and IP Agreement.

Membership Categories


Active Membership is for those members who intend to participate in standards projects actively and regularly. Active members shall pay 100% of the annual dues for their respective Membership Class. Rights of active membership include:

• Eligibility to obtain information regarding activities by contacting the STAR Web site and the organization’s staff.

• Eligibility to participate in General Session meetings as well as all SIG meetings.

• Ability to vote in STAR’s annual elections (for organizations in good financial standing only).

• Eligibility for one representative to run for STAR’s annual Board of Directors (for organizations in good financial standing only). 


Associate Membership is reserved for start-up or non-profit members that actively participate in SIG projects. This is a non-voting membership class. As such, representatives from Associate Member organizations are ineligible to run for STAR’s Board of Directors or vote in STAR’s annual elections. Associate-member companies must be approved by STAR’s Executive Committee prior to joining. Membership is good for one year and may be re-evaluated at that time. Associate Membership includes:

• Eligibility to obtain information regarding activities via the STAR Web site and organization staff.

• Eligibility to participate in General Session meetings as well as all SIG meetings

Membership Classes And Dues

  • Manufacturers
  • National, State or Local Dealer Associations
  • Individual Dealers
  • Technology Providers
Manufacturers shall include companies that manufacture or distribute new motor vehicles. Membership is determined by the number of Dealers supported directly by the applicant’s IT infrastructure and organization.
$20,000 USD (flat rate)
National Dealer Associations $25,000 USD
State or Local Dealer Associations $20,000 USD
$100 USD (flat rate as part of NADA organization membership)
Annual Revenue < $10MM
$10MM- $50MM $50MM- $100MM $100MM- $1B >$10B
Active Membership $10,000
* Dues based on annual revenue

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Security Guidelines
The SIG develops dealership guidelines covering security, access, content, and recoverability of business information and provide a summary of the IT security guidelines for dealers.
Desktop Profile
The SIG develops common guidelines for managing the desktop PC including browsers, plug-ins and LAN connections.
Data Transfer
The purpose of the DTS SIG is to develop common information exchanges, referred to as Data Transfer Specifications (DTS) to simplify the transfer of files between dealership computer systems (DCS) and manufacturer corporate data centers.
The purpose of the XML SIG is to employ a proven XML standards methodology to develop applications supporting automated information exchange between dealers, manufacturers, and their business partners.

   -  Minimize the complexity of an automotive dealership’s LAN/WAN/Internet environment.
   -  Provide access to all computer applications from any dealership desktop PCs.
   -  Leverage a common dealership IT infrastructure to improve support and manageability for dealers, manufacturers and DSP vendors.
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