Verb Matrix & Usage

STAR Noun/Verb Matrix
The STAR Noun/Verb Matrix identifies all of the Nouns defined by STAR and the OAGIS verbs that STAR has associated with each noun. NOTE: OAGIS verbs are typically used in a request and response scenario. Unless otherwise stated, these sequence diagrams apply to STAR 4 and the STAR 5 Draft repository.


The following is a guide for how OAGI recommends that the verbs be used with their 9.0 repository. The STAR 5 draft repository will follow these recommendations. These guidelines are recommended for use in other STAR versions as well, but the repository may not support all verb combinations.

Implementing BODs in Production

These guidelines are recommended by OAGI and what they have found to be the best practices when implementing BODs in production. The following tables were produced with permission from OAGI.
Message Verb - Request Message Message Verb - Response Example Usage Notes

Sync (with options selected for either
Add, Change, Delete, or Replace)

ConfirmBOD Request: SyncCustomerAddress
Response: ConfirmBOD
Used to replicate data between applications
Process Acknowledge
Response: AcknowledgePurchaseOrder

Used to initiate a business operation, which usually results in the creation of a new instance of a business object.
Cancel ConfirmBOD
Request: CancelReservation
Response: ConfirmBOD

Used to stop a business operation
Get Show 
Request: GetOrderStatus
Response: ShowOrderStatus

Used to retrieve information from an application
Change Respond
Request: ChangePurchaseOrder
Response: RespondPurchaseOrder

Used to change a business operation. This replaces the old with the new.
Update Respond
Request: UpdatePurchaseOrder
Response: RespondPurchaseOrder

Update is used to send Delta changes.
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