STAR Short Codes

STAR Short Manufacturer & Vendor Codes
STAR provides a list of STAR-assigned codes to Manufacturers & Vendor transmitting STAR DTS and XML standards. The purpose of the STAR-assigned code is to offer an additional level of identification for those transmitting and receiving STAR standards. Please note that these are not globally unique identifiers, and are only considered unique within the STAR organization.


Instructions for Completing Request Form:

• All initial submissions of Short Code request should be versioned 1.0.
• The date the request is submitted.
• The name of the individual submitting the request
• The name of the company for which the request is being made.
• Indicate the type of company, whether it is a manufacturer or vendor.
• The address of the company.
• Contact person name for future reference.
• Contact person email for future reference.
• Contact person phone for future reference.
• The short code being requested.

    Company Type


    STAR Short Manufacturer & Vendor Code FAQs

    1.  Where can I get more details on the XML Schemas in the STAR Standards?
    The list is published approximately every two weeks if there have been additions made to the list. The list indicates the date of the last request approved.
    2.  Do I have to be a STAR Member to request a Short Code?
     No, your company does not have to be a STAR Member to request a Short Code.
    3.  Do I suggest a code or will STAR assign one to me?
    In your request, you may suggest a code. If that code is available, it will be assigned to you. If that code has already been assigned to another company, STAR will assign you a different code.
    4.  May I request a code that has letters and numbers?
    Yes, STAR is currently assigning 2-digit alphanumeric codes.
    5.  Am I required to have a STAR Short Code if I am going to be using the STAR XML standards?
    Yes, there are fields in the STAR XML standards that require the use of the STAR Short Code.
    You can email us at or call us at 518-727-4978. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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