STAR Workbench for BOD Testing and Implementation

Mclean, Va - August 6, 2007 -- Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR), a global information technology (IT) standards body for the retail automotive industry, will unveil the STAR Workbench at its October General Session meeting in Miami, Florida. The STAR Workbench is a set of tools that the STAR XML Data Architects use on a daily basis, and is focused on XML related editing. The workbench is built on the Eclipse Platform, and the Eclipse Web Standard Tools 2.0 plugins.

The primary purpose of releasing the workbench is to provide STAR members with a free set of XML tools that can be used to help with the implementation and testing of STAR BODs. The tool set includes a wide variety of open source or free software to help make this testing and development possible. Since the tool set is built on the Eclipse Platform and leverages the Eclipse Web Standard Tools, the STAR members have access to a platform neutral tool set for developing and testing STAR BOD implementations and a tool set that is being used as a base by other companies such as IBM and BEA.

According to Justin Pakes, Data and Quality Manger at Channel Blade Technologies, "The STAR workbench is a great compilation of BOD related functionality built upon the Eclipse framework. Just the ability to one-click import the entire STAR/MATES schema repository seems to make it a very valuable tool for not only BOD development, but also instance testing and validation." The STAR Workbench can be used to verify the data compliance and schema compliance of STAR BODs against the STAR schema. This can help improve the overall integration aspect for members implementing STAR BODs.

The workbench is not just geared toward the technical developer. Business Analysts and other users can benefit from use of the tool. Jaqueline Piggot from General Motors says, "As a Business Analyst, I typically use the tool as a viewer only. I use it to look at the BODs in the Message Hierarchy view to facilitate mapping my data to an appropriate element and passing those instructions on to our development team who will actually generate the XML." The workbench can be used to help facilitate the communication of the data requirements between all members of a BOD development project.

Dave Carlson, developer of the hyperModel 3.0 ( features included in the STAR Workbench , says "I am happy to collaborate with STAR on model-driven design of XML Schema. The hyperModel tools continue to lead the market for transformation between XSD and UML and visualization of XML message models by business analysts. I look forward to enhancing support for BOD design and closer alignment with OAGIS standards."

The STAR Workbench will be freely available to STAR members and their member companies. More information about the STAR Workbench can be found at the STAR October General Session event sign-up page on the STAR website.

About STAR ( Source: STAR

The Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) organization is the Information Technology (IT) standards organization for the retail automotive industry. STAR is leading the effort to implement voluntary IT standards throughout the automotive industry. These standards are designed to support business information needs and provide secure and reliable means for dealers, manufacturers, and retail system providers to communicate.

Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, STAR is a not-for-profit volunteer organization and its members include Dealers, Manufacturers and Retail System Providers (RSPs). As members, they are interested in developing, promoting, and administering voluntary IT standards in the retail automotive industry and improving the effectiveness, timeliness and competitiveness of the IT solutions needed within the retail automotive industry.

STAR membership roster:

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ADP, Advent Resources, Inc., AIAG, AFSA, Arkona, AutoDESA, Auto/Mate Inc., CIECA, DealerTrack, Karmak, NMMA, MIC, NeoSynergy, LLC, OAGI, OMG, Oxlo, PBS Financial Systems Inc., Procede Software, Quorum Information Systems, Reynolds & Reynolds, RouteOne, T-Systems, Unipart Automotive Logistics, and Wipro Technologies.


American Honda Motor Co., Inc., American Suzuki Motor Corp., BMW of North America, Inc., DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corp., International Truck & Engine, Jaguar Cars, Mazda North American Operations, Nissan North America, Inc., PACCAR, Inc., Porsche Cars North America, Inc., Renault, and Toyota Motor Sales, USA.