The STAR Workbench is an XML Integrated Development Environment. The STAR XML Data Architects use the workbench on a daily basis to develop the STAR BODs. The workbench consists of a subset of these tools that are focused on XML Development. The workbench will be made available to all STAR Members after the October General Session.

Screen Shots

Task Mangement
Task Management
XSD Graphical Editing
XSD Graphical Editing
XSD Source Editor
XSD Source Editor
XML Editor - Design Mode
XML Editor - Design Mode
WSDL Editor
WSDL Editor

There are several flash tutorials available for the STAR Workbench.


The STAR Workbench is built on the Eclipse Platform and the Eclipse Web Standard Tools plugins from the Eclipse Web Tools Platform project. The workbench also makes use of the Eclipse Mylyn plugin for integrating Task Repositories. Since the workbench is built on the Eclipse Platform IDE any Eclipse 3.4 compatible plugin can be installed into the workbench to expand it's functionality beyond just working with XML files.

Some of the key features provided are:

  • Integrated Development Environment. - One common place to work on all project resources.
  • Expandable - works with any Eclipse 3.4 compatible plugin. (STAR only supports the plugins that come pre-installed with the STAR Workbench).
    • Plugins exist for working with PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, etc.
    • Expand the workbench into a full development environment.
  • Source Code Control System Support
    • CVS
    • Subversion
  • Integrates with Task Repositories and Issue tracking systems
    • Bugzilla
    • Mantis
  • XML Tools
    • Ability to display XML Schema as UML Class Diagrams
    • Ability to generate a Message Hierarchy from a XML Schema
    • DTD Editor
    • XML Instance Source and Graphical Designer editors.
    • XSD Source and Graphical Designers
    • WSDL 1.1 Source and Graphical Editors - Allows working directly with the STAR XML Schema.
    • Ability to import and export the STAR Schema Repository ZIP files.
    • Web Service Explorer - Browse and Explorer any Web Service that has a WSDL.
    • WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 and 1.1 Validation.
    • XML Catalog Support
    • XSL Tools 0.5 - XSLT Editor and Debugger
  • Web Development Tools:
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript editors
    • Integrated Web Browser using either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Included Software

The STAR Workbench includes software from the following free or open source projects. All software remains copyrighted by the various contributors:

  • The Eclipse Foundation


Recommended Plugins:

  • - Dave Carlson - Provides XSD to UML conversion and viewing as well as Message Hierarchy views of XSDs.