(DIG)Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines


The STAR organization is comprised of several Work Groups (WG) that address specific points of interest to the automotive retail IT industry. Most of the WGs are chartered with developing or maintaining the existing data formats (DTS) or the newer XML Business Object Documents (BOD), but the Dealership Infrastructure WG is chartered with finding common infrastructure and interoperability among dealerships to provide a guidebook and deployment handbook for IT infrastructure at the Dealership.

What The DIG Covers: The astounding, and continuing, growth in the requirement to deliver data and solutions to Dealerships has caused automotive manufacturers, herein referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to evaluate both the current approach and plans to meet that need in the future. This document will identify the overall direction chosen. It will also explain the choices that are available to the Dealer to standardize their Dealership networks. In addition, it provides guidelines and recommendations to help Dealers decide which communication solution best fits the requirements for their business environment.

Who The Document Is Intended For: This document is for network administrators, project leaders, engineers or contractors who are responsible for designing networks and connecting clients to OEMs. For the benefit of non-technical readers, the important elements are presented in both an overview and in detailed form.

Included Tools: The DIG includes several checklists and tips from purchasing hardware/software to making sure you have the proper information in your vendor SLAs.

DIG Specifications

The following specifications are the N-1 to current approved STAR Architecture specifications.

Document Version Effective Date Add/Change PDF HTML
Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines 2012v1 03/29/12 Change pdf html
Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines N-1 01/19/11 Change pdf html