Uses the Component:DamageType

Represents information about damage related to the vehicle

Fields and Components

Table 6.86. Fields and Components

Name Description Occurrence Type Data Type User Notes

Physical location of damage on the vehicle

0..1Field udt:CodeType  

Type of damage that occurred (Ex: scratched, dented, etc)

0..1Field udt:CodeType  

Degree of damage expressed in inches

0..1Field udt:CodeType  

Sample XML

The XML Sample provided here is an approximation of the generated XML for this component. Not all of the fields are required for implementation.

Example 6.86. Damage

     <AreaCode>......</AreaCode>     [0..1]
     <DamageCode>......</DamageCode>     [0..1]
     <SeverityCode>......</SeverityCode>     [0..1]