Chapter 2. BOD Design

Table of Contents

XML Instance Namespaces
Schema Namespaces
BOD Structure

This section covers the fundamentals of the STAR BOD architecture. This is provided for reference only, and more details can be found in the documentation mentioned within this section.

XML Instance Namespaces

Namespaces are unique identifiers for an element or attribute. It allows for the same element or attribute name to come from different sources and have uniquie meanings. The namespace identifies the source of the definition for the element or attribute. STAR XML Instances currently only require the use of two namespaces:

  • - This identifies the items that come from a STAR 5 repository, and is usally used with a prefix of "star" or "star5".

  • - This identifies the items that come from the OAGI 9 repository. The prefix used for these is typically "oa", "oagis", or "oagis9".

Note: Namespaces do not have to be resolvable. They are just unique identifiers. If a namespace is assigned to the default namespace, then a prefix does not need to be used. Only one namespace can be assigned to the default namespace. Prefixes are just short cuts to the namespace identifier, systems should not rely on the prefix, but the namespace iteself when identifying elements and attributes.