Uses the Component:CustomerInformationRewardsCardType

The Rewards card is a credit card, that when used by the customer, the customer can earn points with every purchase they make. These points can be used towards the purchase, or lease of a new vehicle.

Fields and Components

Table 6.113. Fields and Components

Name Description Occurrence Type Data Type User Notes

A value used to identify the card type for a given cardmember.Valid values are gmcard, efc, flex

1..1Field scl:CreditCardTypeContentType  

Field to highlight what As of date for earnings value.

0..1Field udt:DateType  

The amount of earnings currently available to redeem.

0..1Field udt:AmountType  

Start date when the Indicates if an offer is in place for the account. If yes, provides a URL to login into OMA to view offer information.

0..1Field qdt:URIType  

Start date when the Card type of account

0..1Field udt:TextType  

BARS incentive code associated with Card Type.

0..1Field udt:CodeType  

Field to highlight what Amount of any retail offer that may exist for the given account. Zero if no offers exist.

0..1Field udt:AmountType  

Description of the offer.

0..1Field udt:TextType  

Start date when the f any offer exists, this will be the date the offer expires.

0..1Field udt:DateType  

This is the total earnings on an account. This may include earnings not yet eligible for redemption. Only earnings that have been included on a monthly credit card statement are eligible to redeem. This value does not include any offer amount that may or may not exist.

0..1Field udt:AmountType  

This is the total amount available to redeem. This value does not include any offer amount that may or may not exist.

0..1Field udt:AmountType  

Redemption allowance, if one exists,, for vehicle being looked up.

0..1Field udt:AmountType  

The amount of points earned or used in a particular repair order.

0..1Field udt:NumericType  

The total points on an account. This may include points not yet eligebel for redemption.

0..1Field udt:NumericType  

This is the total points available for redemption

0..1Field udt:NumericType  

Sample XML

The XML Sample provided here is an approximation of the generated XML for this component. Not all of the fields are required for implementation.

Example 6.111. CustomerInformationRewardsCard

     <CardType>......</CardType>     [1..1]
     <EarningsAsOfDate>......</EarningsAsOfDate>     [0..1]
     <EarningsAvailableForRedemption>......</EarningsAvailableForRedemption>     [0..1]
     <OfferURI>......</OfferURI>     [0..1]
     <BonusEarningCode>......</BonusEarningCode>     [0..1]
     <IncentiveCode>......</IncentiveCode>     [0..1]
     <OfferAmount>......</OfferAmount>     [0..1]
     <OfferDetails>......</OfferDetails>     [0..1]
     <OfferExpirationDate>......</OfferExpirationDate>     [0..1]
     <TotalEarnings>......</TotalEarnings>     [0..1]
     <TotalEarningsForRedemption>......</TotalEarningsForRedemption>     [0..1]
     <VehicleRedemptionAllowance>......</VehicleRedemptionAllowance>     [0..1]
     <PointsAvailableForRedemption>......</PointsAvailableForRedemption>     [0..1]
     <TotalPoints>......</TotalPoints>     [0..1]
     <TotalPointsForRedemption>......</TotalPointsForRedemption>     [0..1]