Uses the Component:HTSSummaryType

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)information associated with a particular Invoice/Shipment

Fields and Components

Table 6.35. Fields and Components

Name Description Occurrence Type Data Type User Notes

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) used in Invoice/Shipment

0..1Field udt:TextType  

Total dollar value per harmonized tariff schedule

0..1Field udt:AmountType  

Total pieces per harmonized tariff schedule

0..1Field udt:NumericType  

Sample XML

The XML Sample provided here is an approximation of the generated XML for this component. Not all of the fields are required for implementation.

Example 6.35. HTSSummary

     <HTSSummarySchedule>......</HTSSummarySchedule>     [0..1]
     <HTSAmount>......</HTSAmount>     [0..1]
     <HTSUnitsQuantityNumeric>......</HTSUnitsQuantityNumeric>     [0..1]