Uses the Component:CommunicationABIEType

Email or web communication

Fields and Components

Table 6.30. Fields and Components

Name Description Occurrence Type Data Type User Notes

The unique identifier of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for this communication such as an email address.

0..1Field udt:IdentifierType  

The code specifying the channel or manner in which a communication can be made, such as telephone or email.

1..1Field udt:CodeType  

The communication number, expressed as text and not including country access code or the area number code, for this communication.

0..1Field udt:TextType  

The text string of characters that make up the complete number for this communication.

0..1Field udt:TextType  

The country access code for this communication number such as 44, 1, 353 etc.

0..1Field udt:CodeType  

The extension number, expressed as text, assigned to this communication number to enable a caller to reach a specific party.

0..1Field udt:TextType  

The code specifying the area number typically used in communication. This is also known in the US as the Area Code.

0..1Field udt:CodeType  

Access information, expressed as text, for the mode of communication such as 9 or *70 for a telephone network.

0..1Field udt:TextType  

The code specifying the use of this communication such as for business purposes or private. Such as Home, Work, Cell, Day, Evening, etc.

0..1Field udt:CodeType  

The text to identify a service provider, i.e, mobile phone provider, ISP/email provider, etc

0..1Field udt:TextType  

The indication of whether or not HTML format is preferred by the recipient for email communications. Usually sent in Communication components when ChannelCode is Telephone and the URIID has a mailto: email address.

0..1Field udt:IndicatorType  

The preference for the usage of this communication method.


This is used to indicate the various privacy types for this communication. If appearing within a Party component, then this option overrides the Privacy types specified at the Party component for this communication.


Sample XML

The XML Sample provided here is an approximation of the generated XML for this component. Not all of the fields are required for implementation.

Example 6.30. URICommunication

     <URIID>......</URIID>     [0..1]
     <ChannelCode>......</ChannelCode>     [1..1]
     <LocalNumber>......</LocalNumber>     [0..1]
     <CompleteNumber>......</CompleteNumber>     [0..1]
     <CountryNumberCode>......</CountryNumberCode>     [0..1]
     <ExtensionNumber>......</ExtensionNumber>     [0..1]
     <AreaNumberCode>......</AreaNumberCode>     [0..1]
     <Access>......</Access>     [0..1]
     <UseCode>......</UseCode>     [0..1]
     <ServiceProviderName>......</ServiceProviderName>     [0..1]
     <HTMLPreferredIndicator>......</HTMLPreferredIndicator>     [0..1]
     <UsagePreference>......</UsagePreference>     [0..1]
     <Privacy>......</Privacy>     [0..*]