Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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VoIP is technology that allows two-way voice communications over an IP data network such as the Internet, enterprise IP connections, WANs or LANs. Traditional phone equipment can be hooked up to specialized devices which connect to the Internet or dedicated IP network. Voice calls are converted into data packets and sent to a VoIP service provider who converts them back and routes the calls to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). VoIP service may allow businesses to reduce or augment traditional local and long-distance voice services. Intra-company voice calling can be setup in a similar fashion via an IP based WAN without the need for PSTN connections or VoIP service providers. VoIP has the potential to offer substantial discounts for voice services. (VoIPReview)



Great care should be taken when choosing a VoIP provider. There are two key considerations that outweigh cost factors: