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Personal Firewall Software operates like a persistent “traffic cop.” When the Personal Firewall Software detects inappropriate access to a computer, it blocks access to the offending user. Other Internet access remains open and unaffected. The user can continue to browse the web, send email, and listen to Internet radio stations while Personal Firewall Software rejects the hackers.

When a Personal Computer (PC) connects to the Internet, it becomes part of a global network. A hacker can use widely available networking tools to connect to that computer and send it commands. Since the link to the Internet is active hackers can identify the user’s system and break into it.

The Personal Firewall Software should consist of two components:

Personal firewalls have a place on every machine, but there are areas where they become a necessity. Traveling personnel with portable devices should always use a personal firewall since there are no guarantees that the network that they are on has a firewall. Understand the placement of firewalls on every machine can add additional administrator overhead since it takes someone to look at all the policies to determine what is actually correct to block and what should not be.

Corporate networks can also benefit from using personal firewalls. Most attacks come from internal malicious users, so a firewall on every laptop, PC and server can help with this kind of attack. Also, since most personal firewalls can monitor outgoing traffic from the PC, it is easier to identify and attack security vulnerabilities like Trojans and worms.