Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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2.5. Multi-OEM Locations

OEMs are standardizing their applications to run over the Internet diminishing the need for custom OEM hardware, software and network requirements inside the dealership. During the transition period, while OEM applications migrate to the Internet, provisions MUST allow for legacy network paths. Additional OEMs and dealership system providers may have their own requirements inside the dealerships. To avoid potential network communication problems, a single point of exchange is employed to manage traffic. The OEMs see that exchange point as the network switch. The dealership must understand that the multiple-OEM dealership integration will become complex in the short term until all applications are migrated to the Internet. A competent individual or third party is required to manage IP addressing and some of the more intricate aspects of networking (e.g., VLANs)

Each dealership needs a path to the Internet that goes through the Internet router and firewall controlled by the dealership. Other paths to the Internet must be similarly controlled or isolated from the dealership's private network. Any system providers that accept this view can join the standard by attaching equipment to the delearship's switch, thereby accepting dealership control.