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Customer Relationship Management and STAR

Written by dcarver on January 27, 2009 – 1:16 pm

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a very broad term that covers almost every business process that we deal with. The functionality is usually handled by an external entity outside of the dealership’s dealer management software, or it may be an add-on option. During the recent NADA convention and over the last year STAR has been receiving requests for CRM related standards.

While we could create our own standard transaction sets it is not necessarily the way it should be explored or built. STAR has a good working relationship with OAGi and other standard bodies like HR-XML, and we plan to explore what these other organizations have. HR-XML 3.0 is built on the OAGi 9.x platform so will work well with STAR 5. Where possible we may be able to leverage these existing standards and include them for redistribution where it makes sense. In other cases we may have to create our own standards but leverage some of the existing components from OAGi or HR-XML.

STAR is a membership driven organization when it comes to creating new BODs. So if there is a need from the community to have these CRM interfaces developed, we’ll need a member to submit a value statement. If you are a CRM vendor that interfaces with the dealership, consider joining STAR as we can then help develop and address these needs that are particular to your interfaces into the dealership systems. Knowing what the requirements and problems are, is the first step to addressing and meeting this growing segment with the automotive, marine, power sports, and heavy duty trucking industries.

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