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Where do I find…..

Written by dcarver on January 24, 2009 – 10:29 am

One of the questions we receive while at the NADA Convention is where more information in regards to working with the standards can be found. We have most of this information available freely to the user community on the STAR web site. Some of it may not be as easy to find as it should be, so here are a few places to look.

  • STAR Technical Articles – This covers topics ranging from how to use the Web Service Interopability tools for the As well as topics regarding security and digital certificates.
  • STAR BOD FAQs – Many questions in regard to databinding, and parsing of XML and working with XML Schemas can be found on the FAQ page. One topic that comes up frequently is the performance of validation. The page contains some links to information on how Validation can be improved and implemented. In particular, some sample code on how to implement a grammar pool with Xerces is included.
  • Press Releases and Conference Presentations – STAR presents at various technical conferences from time to time. Including how we use Agile Development techniques to develop the STAR standard.

The latest approved versions of the STAR XML Schemas, Transport, and Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines can always be found on the STAR website. The STAR website is a great resource for the community, it contains much more than just a place to retrieve the standards we develop. If you have thoughts on how we can improve the web site to make it easier to find the information you need, please let us know.

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