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Architecture Workgroup: Refactored

Written by dcarver on June 25, 2009 – 2:25 pm

Traditionally the STAR Architecture Workgroup has been focused on the delivery and maintenance of the STAR Transport packages:

  • STAR Web Services – specifying the Generic and BOD Specific WSDLs.
  • ebMS – covers the STAR specific profiles for ebMS 2.0 (ebXML).
  • Transport Package – covers the overall direction and guidelines regardless of the transport being used.
  • STAR Web Services Quickstart Guide – samples and available tooling that can be used to implement the STAR web services guide.

Over the last several years, most of the work has been concentrated on the Web Services portion. In the past the name of the group was the Transport Workgroup, but that was changed in recent years. However, the overall direction didn’t change with it.

I’m now managing the Architecture Workgroup and Jason Loeffler from Karmak is the workgroup lead. Together we are trying to broaden the horizon. We want to make it more than just working on specifications. Architecture around standards covers more than just the transport layer. It covers design and implementation of the standards. Security. Integration of various tools and technologies.

We want the group to evolve into an information resource for both STAR members as well as the general community. So I’m asking for some community input. What do you want to see from the workgroup. What is missing from an architecture standpoint that STAR members should be trying to address? Collaboration is what helps drive standards forward, now is the time to weigh in on the direction that the Architecture Workgroup at STAR should take. Please leave a comment here with your ideas and suggestions.

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