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Non Profits can Benefit from Open Source

Written by dcarver on June 15, 2009 – 6:16 pm

At STAR we seem to be cutting edge at times. We often get asked how we do so much with the amount of staff we have? We seem to produce higher quality deliverables, faster than most organizations with three times the staff. The key in many ways is to look at your processes, but also look at the tools you and the community use as a whole.

In STAR’s case we have shown that good quality sites, and materials can come from leveraging the power and diversity of open source and open standard communities. We do not only consume but we contribute back as well. STAR staff leverage and manage many web sites. Some for the community as a whole and some for the benefit of the membership. Regardless of which community we are focusing on we expect high quality and stability from the products we choose. The following is a summary of some of the open source projects we leverage at STAR.

As a non-profit organization we have to watch how we spend the memberships money so that we can provide the quality of service they expect. Leveraging open source projects let’s us stretch that dollar so that it goes farther and provides more value.

Some of the open source projects STAR has contributed back to in the way of code and time are:

  • Eclipse – extensive contributions to Web Tools Platform. In particular the XML related tooling.
  • PMWiki – bug fixes, and extensions.
  • Mylyn-Mantis – an eclipse plugin for interfacing with MantisBT
  • XML Schema Unit Testing – an agile testing framework for verifying XML Schema requirements.
  • XMLUnit – a testing framework for testing and verification of XML files.

Consuming is the easy part. It takes real effort to spend the extra cycles to contribute. However the contribution is just as important if not more important than the consuming. With out contributions your projects will ceast to exist.

Standards development regardless of the organization is the same way. If there are more consumers than there are contributors to help support the system, then it will eventually ceast to exist. So if you support or use standards produced by STAR, AIAG, OAGi, ACORD, HRXML, or any other organization consider donating some time, become a member, or help promote the use of the standard. Every little bit helps. We extend on this ecosystem concept in the upcoming edition of the STAR eXchange Newsletter, if you haven’t already please consider signing up to receive it.

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