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Is XML/BOD processing slow?

Written by dcarver on June 9, 2009 – 8:40 am

One of the items we hear consistently is that XML is to slow. This can mean many things and affects people differently depending on the tools that they use. At this past technical session, I gave a presentation on “Gossamer and You”. Gossamer for those that do not know is the Big Hairy Monster from the Warner Brothers cartoons. The point being is that XML is often treated like the monster under the bed. The gut reaction from programmers is to go with the most common form of working with XML. Data Binding. Unfortunately this can cause many of the problems that XML is blamed. The problem may not necessarily be XML but in the way we process it.

The Basilage Markup conference is having a “International Symposium on Processing XML Efficiently: Overcoming Limits on Space, Time, or Bandwidth”. It will visit many of the myths about XML and ways to over come these problems. The conference is being chaired by Michael Kay the author of the Saxon XSLT processor. If anybody is attending the Basilage conference and attends this forum, please post a comment to this entry and share what was learned.

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