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Important Dealer Information

Written by dcarver on March 26, 2009 – 4:52 am

The dealership Infrastructure Guidelines (DIG)is more than just a reference tool for the IT professionals inside the dealership. This document is a valuable tool to help the dealer principal and anyone responsible for the computer, data and security of information related to a dealership.

The DIG2009v1.0 which was published in January of 2009 contains information that can not only help setup key infrastructure components but it also helps maintain that infrastructure. Some of the chapters in this document such as Dealer Security delve into everything from firewall details to technology intrusion detection.

Click here to view the current DIG document

For those who are not familiar with the DIG we publish changes to the document every 6 months. Some of the changes to look for in coming versions are:

– Network Related updates (such as wireless standards, cabling and more)
– Outsourcing vs. Insourcing (does is make sense to have internal IT)
– Disc Imaging (what does this do for your dealership)
– Data Storage Standards (what you need to know about storing passwords, files, etc)

In addition to these changes the workgroup responsible for the DIG publishes several Dealer related Technology sheets. The latest document revolved around Network Utilization. These documents are published every 3 months and are based on common questions dealers have about technology, data laws and more.

Click here to view Dealer Technology Sheets

Click here to view Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

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