STAR 4.5.4 - OAGi 8.1-lite based repository.


All STAR schema repositories are available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 1.0.

Related Information:

  • UML Sequence Diagrams are available for each noun.
  • Verb Usage guidelines show the valid request and response combinations.
  • Noun/Verb Matrix show all of the STAR Nouns and the OAGIS Verbs that have been applied to each.
  • STAR maintains a set of Transport Guidelines for use with the STAR Data Specifications. These cover both EBXML, and Web Services using SOAP.
Reference Documents
Data Compliance Guidelines
XML Reference Implemenation Guidelines
2011 XML BOD Change Document
Latest Manufacturer/Vendor Short Codes

STAR Schemas Repository

Repository Name Version Effective Date
STAR Schema Repository 4.5.4 2011-07-04

XML Schemas Guidelines Effective July 4, 2011

Document HTML PDF
Confirm BOD
Confirm BOD html pdf
Credit Application
Process Credit Application html pdf
Credit Contract
Process Credit Contract html pdf
Credit Contract Response
Acknowledge Credit Contract Response html pdf
Credit Decision
Process Credit Decision html pdf
Financial Statement
Change Financial Statement html pdf
Process Financial Statement html pdf
Initiative Download
Get Initiative Download html pdf
Show Initiative Download html pdf
Sync Initiative Download html pdf
Labor Operations
Get Labor Operations html pdf
Show Labor Operations html pdf
Model Codes
Get Model Codes html pdf
Show Model Codes html pdf
Parts Inventory
Acknowledge Parts Inventory html pdf
Process Parts Inventory html pdf
Parts Invoice
Process Parts Invoice html pdf
Parts Locator
Get Parts Locator html pdf
Show Parts Locator html pdf
Parts Master
Show Parts Order html pdf
Parts Order
Acknowledge Parts Order html pdf
Cancel Parts Order html pdf
Change Parts Order html pdf
Get Parts Order html pdf
Process Parts Order html pdf
Show Parts Order html pdf
Parts Pick List
Process Parts Pick List html pdf
Parts Return
Acknowledge Parts Return html pdf
Process Parts Return html pdf
Parts Shipment
Process Parts Shipment html pdf
Repair Order
Acknowledge Repair Order html pdf
Change Repair Order html pdf
Get Repair Order html pdf
Process Repair Order html pdf
Show Repair Order html pdf
Retail Delivery Reporting
Cancel Retail Delivery Reporting html pdf
Change Retail Delivery Reporting html pdf
Process Retail Delivery Reporting html pdf
Sales Lead
Change Sales Lead html pdf
Process Sales Lead html pdf
Service Advisory Receipt Acknowledgement
Confirm Service Advisory Receipt Acknowledgement html pdf
Service Appointment
Acknowlege Service Appointment html pdf
Change Service Appointment html pdf
Process Service Appointment html pdf
Service Appointment Acknowledgment
Confirm Service Appointment Acknowledgment html pdf
Service Plan
Acknowlege Service Plan html pdf
Process Service Plan html pdf
Service Processing Advisory
Get Service Processing Advisory html pdf
Show Service Processing Advisory html pdf
Process Service Processing Advisory html pdf
Standard Codes
Change Standard Codes html pdf
Get Standard Codes html pdf
Process Standard Codes html pdf
Show Standard Codes html pdf
Validate Initiative
Acknowledge Validate Initiative html pdf
Process Validate Initiative html pdf
Vehicle Inventory
Change Vehicle Inventory html pdf
Get Vehicle Inventory html pdf
Process Vehicle Inventory html pdf
Show Vehicle Inventory html pdf
Vehicle Invoice
Change Vehicle Invoice html pdf
Get Vehicle Invoice html pdf
Process Vehicle Invoice html pdf
Show Vehicle Invoice html pdf
Vehicle Order
Acknowledge Vehicle Order html pdf
Cancel Vehicle Order html pdf
Change Vehicle Order html pdf
Get Vehicle Order html pdf
Process Vehicle Order html pdf
Show Vehicle Order html pdf
Vehicle Remarketing
Acknowledge Vehicle Remarketing html pdf
Cancel Vehicle Remarketing html pdf
Change Vehicle Remarketing html pdf
Get Vehicle Remarketing html pdf
Process Vehicle Remarketing html pdf
Show Vehicle Remarketing html pdf
Vehicle Service History
Get Vehicle Service History html pdf
Show Vehicle Service History html pdf
Vehicle Specifications
Get Vehicle Specifications html pdf
Show Vehicle Specifications html pdf